VBScript RegexpHelper class

A VBScript equivalent of PHP’s Regexp

Class Regexp_Helper

    Private strPattern
    Private boolIgnoreCase
    Private boolMultiLine

    'IgnoreCase = 大文字小文字を区別しないよう設定します。
    'Global     = 文字列全体を検索するよう設定します。
    'pattern    = 正規表現パターンを設定します。
    'MultiLine  = 文字列を複数行として扱わない。

    Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    End Sub

    Private Sub Class_Terminate()
    End Sub

    Private Property Let withPattern(str)
        strPattern = str
    End Property

    Public Property Get withPattern
        withPattern = strPattern
    End Property

    Private Property Let withIgnoreCase(bool)
        boolIgnoreCase = bool
    End Property

    Public Property Get withIgnoreCase
        withIgnoreCase = boolIgnoreCase
    End Property

    Private Property Let withMultiLine(bool)
        boolMultiLine = bool
    End Property

    Public Property Get withMultiLine
        withMultiLine =boolMultiLine
    End Property

    Public Function parseOption(str)

        If left(str,1) <> "/" Then Exit Function

        Dim tmp,options
        tmp = Split(str,"/")
        withPattern = tmp(1)

        If uBound( tmp ) > 2 Then
            Dim key
            For key = 2 to uBound( tmp ) -1
                withPattern = withPattern & "/" & tmp(key)
        End If

        withMultiLine = false
        withIgnoreCase = false

        options = tmp( uBound(tmp) )
        If inStr(options,"s") > 0 Then withMultiLine = true
        If inStr(options,"i") > 0 Then withIgnoreCase = true

    End Function

End Class

Please also note that php.vbs offers community built functions and goes by the McDonald’s Theory. We’ll put online functions that are far from perfect, in the hopes to spark better contributions. Do you have one? Then please just:

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